Best Selling Laptops over the Last 5 Years



Best-selling laptops of 2016 you should consider buying
When you want to purchase a laptop, it is advisable to take into consideration why you are buying it. Big laptops have great processors and sharper screens. However, these laptops are bulky when you must carry them around. Here are some of the best laptops in our markets today.

Dell XPS 15laptop-xps-15-9550-pdp-polaris-02

Over the years, Dell has been offering the strongest and most diverse lineup of PC laptops in the industry. Whether you are looking for a price value-price 2-in-1s, premium business systems, or high-end gaming laptops, Dell offers the best laptops. However, the company needs to work more on the mediocre phone support systems of their laptops. Nonetheless, there is always a high-quality Dell laptop for every need and budget.
The Dell XPS comes with Windows 10, a 15.6-inch screen with a 4k display. It has a body of bright aluminum, and it has the latest Intel processor. What amazes me with this computer is its long-lasting battery. The battery can power your computer for 10hrs without recharging. It can deliver; don’t let the screen fool you. Customers buying the XPS line of laptops get 20GB of free storage with Dropbox. This is ten times the amount of free space they would get without even paying for the service. Alienware gamming laptops are shipped with plenty of utilities, and you will not get any bloatware at all. Dell also has brought the eye-popping display and svelte designs as it is in the XPS 13 to other laptops.
Dell also offers one the industry’s best warranties. The company does sometimes pay return shipping costs on even its least-expensive products. As part of the company’s standard one-year warranty, Dell pays for return shipping costs on all laptops. For those looking for laptops with a high quality edge to edge screens or those with creative splashes of color, Dell has some very original designs. For instance, the XPS 15 and XPS 13 are a unique aesthetically appealing, and offer thin display bezels with black, carbon-fiber interiors. They feature a brilliant design, best performance and a wide range of configuration options with the XPA 13 being lighter than a Macbook Air.

Apple MacBook Prooverview_osx_hero

This laptop has a Retina Display. You can buy a 15 or 13-inch screen Apple MacBook Pro. It has an Intel processor, great storage, and a long-lasting battery. It also has a Force Touch trackpad and a beautiful aluminum body. The Apple Company has various types of these laptops dispatched tot the market. Purchase any according to your pocket and needs.
Go online a search in to find one that suits you.

HP Envy 17hpENVY17_2012silver__1_01

The design of the Envy series of HP laptops is the best the company has created in recent times. It has an appealing aluminum cover and a chicklet keyboard that is amazing to type on and is also backlit. It has good specs that make it powerful and cost-effective. These include a DDR 3 RAM of 6 gigs an AMD Radeon of 1 gigabyte that work seamlessly with the Intel silicon works. The Intel Core of i5-2430M operates at an ideal 2.4GHZ. Its display clocks are low at 17-inch panes. You can have the clocks upgraded from 1600p by 900p to 1080p at a small fee. Of all the heavy laptops, this one is the best looking. However, it is not ideal for gaming.
Its body is made of attractive and stylish aluminum. However, this material makes it heavy compared to other laptops of its size. Beneath the stylish exterior is a powerful laptop with great specs such as a 1GB AMD’s graphics card, 4GB RAM, and a Core, i5 processor. Its battery life is said to be 6 hours and it also has a hard drive of 500GB. The good thing about this laptop is that you can upgrade the specs to 6GB RAM and a quad-core Core i7. The downside is that the company discontinued the offer of enhanced “Radiance” display.
These are some of the excellent laptops you can choose to buy. Click on the links provided to find more information and market prices.




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