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There are a lot of different laptops out there, but out of all my research, I have learned that Toshiba’s are the #1 worst laptops of 2015/2016.

The Toshiba scored the lowest in the following categories.
-Warranty scored 2 out of 5 points.
-Reviews scored 13 out of 30 points.
-Software scored 1 out of 5 points.


Toshiba had problems like overheating, charging issues, turning on, screen darkness, crashing, and software issues.


The Toshiba Satellite had a recall on the batteries because it wouldn’t power the laptop and on reviewer called customer service and they refused to report it because their warranty was expired. Also, the chassis is cheap, you pick it up the wrong way and it will bend.


The Toshiba Notebook’s AMD C-50 processor is one of the worst GPUs out there. Just to open and load Powerpoint alone, it takes about 5 minutes. if that wasn’t enough, the body will peel away from itself. And, The screen will crack if touched too hard (touchscreens..mostly).


According to many reviewers, the customer service is terrible. The problems they did have they would find an excuse to blame it on the owner and if they couldn’t, they would blame it on software issues and that meant they would have to pay an additional amount of out pocket. Many have also reported damaged or faulty laptops ordered from their website and they refused to replace it or refused to refund their warranty since they would not replace it.


Many reviewers say they will not recommend this laptop to anyone, not only because of the laptop issues, but also the customer service.


Samsung followed closely behind with the following scores.
-Warranty scored 1 out of 5 points.
-Reviews scored 20 out of 30 points.
-Software scored 3 out of 5 points.


Samsung had many problems including battery shortages, charging issues, shutting off randomly, and extremely sensitive screen! One reviewer claimed they used it ONCE and put it up on the shelf for the night and the next morning the screen was cracked! YIKES!


The Samsung Notebook had a very cheap hardware, after just a few months, the frame and screen would start to crack. The other common problem with this laptop was the charging spot would abruptly stop working.


Samsung’s Chronos 7 had serious issues. after just a couple months the drive would randomly crash, even after it was replaced. Reloading the system was a 4-hour nightmare.


People have tried to use their warranties and/or extended warranties, but the customer service was also, VERY terrible. Most of these people were refused service because of claims like; their information was not in the system or they would blame the issue on the owner.


Many reviewers will not recommend this laptop to anyone.



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